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Book on Designers

Book Project by Photographer Vic Wahby

Residential Interior Designers of NJ

Book Title: To be determined at a later date.

Book Description: The book will display photography of approximately 25 exciting interior design projects, each demonstrating the skill of a particular residential designer.  Text for each section includes biographical information, brief Q&A, and description of on the displayed project.  Vic Wahby Photography will produce all project photography.

Target Audience: Homeowners in need of a designer to hire and interior design enthusiasts.  

Purpose: To simultaneously promote the capabilities of New Jersey’s top designers to homeowners and Vic Wahby Photography's interior design photo service to designers.  Also, to recoup project costs and from sale of the book.

Competition from Similar Books: No book on designers of New Jersey appears currently available, making it difficult for homeowners to learn of and select a designer for their home.   The book intends to facilitate homeowner's search for a suitable designer.

Book Content: The book will feature the work of approximately 25 residential interior designers.  In addition to Introduction and Table of Contents, chapters include:

  1. Living Rooms (8)
  2. Dining Rooms (4)
  3. Kitchens (4)
  4. Retreats (4)
  5. Bedrooms (4)
  6. Bath (2)

Publishing / Marketing Method: Online publishing and sale over Amazon, this website, and industry websites willing and interested in promoting the book.  Retail price TBD.  Electronic and hard covers versions priced accordingly.

Source of Projects:  All NJ residential designers and eligible to participate and may provide description and casual photos of a project for consideration.  See, "To Submit a Project" below for further info.

Project Selection: Residential project selection will be made on a competitive basis with the selected projects to be determined by their uniqueness and beauty. 

Completion Date: Target publishing date is mid-2019.

Promotion:  Availability on Amazon will be accompanied with a description and sample pages.  An interview with Blueprint Magazine is anticipated.  Other promotional possibilities are of interest. 

Strategic Advantage: Vic Wahby is a respected interiors and architectural photographer, and an industry partner with NJ chapter of ASID.   Promotional opportunities will be additionally pursued. 

Participation Fee: Participating designers will enjoy the following additional benefits: 1) Have their work photographed by Vic Wahby without fee whatsoever, 2) Have their work and bio displayed in the book, 3) Have license to utilize the resulting photographs separately on their website / social media without fee (attribution to Vic Wahby Photography required).  4) Have the ability to submit resulting work to publications for editorial consideration. 

Submission Period:  Project submission period opened April 1, 2018 and may remain open throughout 2018 depending on the flow of submissions. 

To Submit A Project for Possible Inclusion:  To have a residential interior design project considered for inclusion in the book, send scouting shots (e.g. cell phone / casual photos) to  Please include the following about your project with your submission: 1) Anticipated project completion date or availability for photography (if completed), 2) Town, 3) Your name, Company, and contact information.  All submissions will receive a prompt reply. 

Terms and Conditions: All above terms and conditions are subject to change as the project evolves and progresses.