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About Vic Wahby :: New Jersey Professional Interiors Photographer

Vic Wahby Photography, specializing in Interior, commercial, and architectural photos.  After working with Vogue Magazine photographers in the mid-80's ...

About Vic

Vic Wahby | PhotographIC APPROACH

Based in Union County, NJ, I offer interior design, commercial and architectural photography. My approach emphasises composition, presence of light, vivid rendering of colors, and persnickety attention to the details. I consider myself fortunate to be a photographer and thoroughly truly enjoy working with fellow design professionals involved in interiors, architectural, and furniture industries. 

My background is a multi-year employment with Vogue Magazine photographers in the go-go fashion industry of the 80's.  Photographers Dennis Piel and Deborah Turbeville, Art Kane and Andria Blanche all helped me hone my own creative vision.  I carry on their remarkable attention to light and styling, which to my eye is essential for fine photographic work.   

I look forward to discussing your project and working with you soon.

Vic Wahby