Based in Union County NJ, Vic shoots interior design, architectural and commercial photography. His aesthetic vision utilizes personally honed techniques yielding maximal visual impact. Highly published in Gallery Magazine, Middlesex Health & Life, Blueprint, Design NJ Magazine, The Star Ledger, Old House Journal and Architectural Digest, Vic enjoys collaborating with designers to bring out visual the best in every project.

Vic started in NYC as a tech assistant for sundry Vogue Magazine photographers, most notably revolutionary Deborah Turbeville.  “There were three photographers reshaping fashion in the late ‘80s, and Turbeville was the only American. I was fascinated with her progressive style and thoroughly enjoyed helping her create her iconic images.” Soon thereafter, Vic turned his lens to fashion and portraiture.  “I would pour over the work of Avadon and Scavullo, studying their style and lighting techniques.” A respite from photography yielded interim careers in commercial real estate and internet consulting, only to return him full circle back to photography.

“Photography was my first and only true passion.  Like most creative professionals, I enjoy thinking visually.  All elements must come into harmony to make a great photo, but mainly I strive for a sense of openness, true color, and abundant light. Natural light isn’t always cooperative, so I my lighting equipment is essential.” After every shoot a lengthy retouching process begins.  “All photos are enhanced using two software packages. My retouching routine takes about as much time taking the pictures, but I view it as another creative opportunity.”